JOHN 8:54-58
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EX 3:14, I AM that I AM, haw-yaw asher haw-yaw, God explains He is the one that "exist's" or "is" (haw-yaw). Ex 3:15 He tells what He wants the people to call Him; the "self existent" (YHWH) God of your fathers. He is the self existent God. "...Before Abraham was (I AM) haw-yaw..." (John 8:58) or, the one that "exist's". John 8:54-58, Yesu was proclaiming Himself to be haw-yaw, which is YAHWEH, the God who did visit Abraham, Gen 17:1-22, Gen 18:1-33. It was inconceivable to the Jews that this lowly flesh and blood man could possibly be the same great God, the creator and giver of life that walked and talked with Abraham and could be in such a vulnerable position. They knew the prophets and scripture, and more, but were blinded and looking for a great warrior leader like David or Solomon, to lead the people back to prosperity. David's throne was promised to be "forever", 1Kings 9:3 and 1Kings 9:5, this promise had stipulations with it. 1Kings 9:4 and 1Kings 9:6-9. The Israelites fell into idolatry many times, and were put into exile and bondage because of it, they had also taken God's Holy name and replaced it with adonai and the "forever" throne of David was lost. The leaders were secular and not spiritual, whereas God has always wanted people to be spiritual and not secular. Spiritualism with correct direction, is no easy task and requires change.   Blessings GEO
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